Institución "Fernando el Católico"

Institutional profile

The Institución "Fernando el Católico" was born as a service to the Aragonese culture, sponsored by the Diputación de Zaragoza and adscribed to the CSIC

In 1943, the Institución "Fernando el Católico" was born as a "service of high Aragonese culture", sponsored by the Diputación Provincial de Zaragoza and adscribed to theConsejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC). Its aims are the study, research and dissemination of the Aragonese cultural values in their different aspects. It leads its activity to the defense of the Aragonese cultural heritage and the protection of its traditions, the study and research of its culture and its divulgation throughout seminars and courses, with a special stress in the interests of Aragon.

It is governed by a Joint Committee with institutional surrogates, and its activities are carried out acording to the program established by its Scientif Committee and its Permanent Commission. Its ordinary government is commited to a Director.

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