InfoGoya is a project of the University of Saragossa funded by the "Institución Fernando el Católico" of the Provincial Deputation of Saragossa.

InfoGoya is a historical and cultural information system on the Spanish painter Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, which was created to celebrate the 250th anniversary of his birth in Fuendetodos (Saragossa, Spain).

InfoGoya provides information on the life, context and work of Goya, insisting on his Aragonese production, and offers information about the touristic, ecological and cultural values of the places where these works are preserved.

InfoGoya intends to transform itself in a permanent virtual museum and an electronic information centre on Francisco de Goya.

InfoGoya is a project opened to the collaboration of scholars and interested persons from all over the world.

We offer a list of the persons who have collaborated to the present.

Direction and design

  • Prof. Dr. Francisco Javier García Marco
    Departamento de Biblioteconomía y Documentación
    Universidad de Zaragoza

Direction council

  • Prof. Dr. Guillermo Fatás Cabeza
  • Prof. Dr. Manuel García Guatas
  • Prof. Dr. Angel Pueyo Campo
  • Dra. Marisa Cancela

Scaning and databases

  • Prof. Dr. Francisco Javier García Marco
  • Dpda. María Dolores López Mayner
  • Dpda. Jessica Lorente Portero
  • Dpda. María Nazaret Lorente Portero

Web design

  • Prof. Dr. Francisco Javier García Marco
  • Dpda. María Dolores López Mayner

Web pages production

  • Prof. Dr. Francisco Javier García Marco
  • Dpda. María Dolores López Mayner
  • Dr. Jesús Tramullas
  • Lda. María Pilar Rivero
  • D. Antonio Cubillo

Texts and scientific council

  • Prof. Dr. Arturo Ansón
  • Dra. Marisa Cancela
  • Ldo. Ricardo Centellas
  • Prof. Dr. Gullermo Fatás
  • Prof. Dr. Francisco Javier García Marco
  • Prof. Luis Fernando García Marco
  • Prof. Dra. María Luz Hernández Navarro
  • Prof. Alberto Lorda
  • Dr. José Luis Ona González
  • Prof. Dr. Angel Pueyo Campos
  • Lda. María Pilar Rivero
  • Prof. Dr. Jesús Tramullas Saz
  • Dpda. María Dolores López Mayner

English translation

  • Prof. Timothy Bozman
  • Prof. Timothy Paul Cooper
    (Some of the text are provisional translations, and our
    excelent tranlators are not responsible for them)

Documentation and cataloguing

  • Prof. Carmen Agustín Lacruz
  • Lda. María Isabel Rojas Serrano

Conectivity and networking

  • Centro de Cálculo de la Universidad de Zaragoza
  • D. Luis Julve
  • D. Oscar Cantín


  • Institución Fernando el Católico
  • Gobierno de Aragón, Departamento de Ciencia, Tecnología y Universidad, Convocatoria de subvenciones a la generación y publicación de contenidos digitales para el año 2009.
  • Apple Computer
  • Caja de Ahorros de la Inmaculada
  • Heraldo de Aragón

See the original list of collaborators and sponsors of the virtual exhibition InfoGoya 1996.

We will sincerely thank you any suggestion, news or contact, which you can send to our e-mail box.

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