Goya's correspondence:
The Epistolary

Ángel Canellas collected in a Epistolary and a later Addenda Goya's correspondece with several of his friends and clients

Goya's Diplomatario
Ángel Canellas López, professor of Paleography and Diplomatics and former chair of the Institución Fernando el Católico, collected and published the correspondence between Goya and several of their friends and clients, mainly to and from his great friend Martín Zapater, in a Goya's Epistolary and a subsequent Addenda.

The collection of letters was published by the Institución Fernando el Católico in 1981 y 1991, and is an invaluable source to gain a deep insight into Goya's biography, artistic career and personality. Its complete and documented introduction provides an overview of its contents and a careful account of its custody. It is freely accessible in the Institución Fernando el Católico's Virtual Library.

InfoGoya provides the 488 letters in independent HTML documents, so they can be accessed and related to other pages on an individual basis. This edition was granted by the Institución Fernando el Católico:


Canellas, Ángel (ed.). Francisco de Goya : Diplomatario. Zaragoza, 1981.

Canellas, Ángel (ed.). Francisco de Goya : Diplomatario : Addenda. Zaragoza, 1991.

Javier García Marco

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