Education and artistic
apprenticeship of Goya
in Zaragoza

Francisco Bayeu

Goya was a pupil at the Escuela de las Escuelas Pias in Saragossa. There he was taught reading, writing and some rudiments of arithmetic. He was a student of Father Joaquin de Jesus Maria (Joaquin Ibañez), whom he wrote about to his friend and fellow pupil, Martin Zapater. He may have then gone on to study Grammar and Latin with the Jesuits, but if so, it would have been for a short period for in 1759, for at the age of 13 he became an apprentice in the workshop of the well-known Zaragozan Rococco painter, Jose Luzan Martinez. Goya also went to the classes that the painter gave at the painting academy that he had set up in Zaragoza in 1794 called the Primera Junta Preparatoria.

Goya stayed and learnt with Luzan Martinez for four years. In 1763 he went to Madrid to continue his apprenticeship with the famous Zaragozan painter Francisco Bayeu, who at that time was establishing himself at the Court, and who was some years later to be Goya's brother-in-law.

Arturo Ansón

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