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  1. Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Life
    1. Chronology
    2. Character
    3. Education
    4. Family
    5. Friends
    6. Ideology
    7. Social class
    8. Correspondence
  4. Work
    1. Evolution
    2. Painting
      1. Index of paintings by chronological order
      2. Pictures with mythological or allegorical subject matter
      3. Religious paintings
        1. Great religious works in his first period
          1. The Reliquary in the parrochial church of Fuendetodos (Zaragoza)
          2. Fathers of the Church in Calatayud, Muel and Remolinos (Zaragoza)
          3. Fresco in Alagón (Zaragoza)
          4. The Adoration of The Name of God on the ceiling of the coreto of the Basilica del Pilar (Zaragoza)
          5. Mural paintings in Carthusian monastery of the Aula Dei (Zaragoza)
          6. The Regina Martyrum cupola in the Basilica del Pilar (Zaragoza)
        2. San Antonio de la Florida (Madrid)
        3. The church of the monastery of Santa Ana (Valladolid)
      4. Tapestries for the Royal Family (scenes of daily life)
        1. First series
        2. Second series
        3. Third series
        4. Fourth series
      5. Studies and copies of Velazquez' work
      6. Portraits
        1. The Royal Family (from Charles III to Fernando VII)
        2. The Infante Luis de Bourbon
        3. Floridablanca and the Spanish nobility
        4. State officials
        5. Family and frieds
      7. Self-portraits
        1. Self-portraits
        2. Self-portraits by chronological order
      8. Cabinet paintings
      9. Black Paintings from the Quinta del Sordo
      10. Contemporary reports
        1. War
        2. Bull fighting
        3. Cycle of the capture of the bandit "El Maragato".
    3. The prints
      1. Etchings of Velazquez's paintings at hte Royal Palace
      2. The Caprichos
      3. The Desasters of War
      4. The Tauromaquia
      5. The Disparates
      6. Bulls of Bordeaux
      7. Minor etchings out of series
    4. Sketchs
      1. The 'Italian Sketchbook'
      2. The Sketch Albums
    5. Social and political features of Goya's work
    6. Origin and development of Goya's political ideals
      1. Goya. A clear-sighted individual confronted by life's contradictions
      2. Goya's ideological context
      3. Goya, the burgois
      4. Criticism of aristocratic vices
      5. Criticism of the vices of the clergy
        1. Political implications of the criticisms of the life and habits of the clergy
        2. Reformist criticism of the clergy's way of life
        3. Goya's anticlericalism
      6. The socio-economic function of the Church in theAncien Regime
      7. Criticism of the Inquisition and censorship
      8. Criticism of the political role of the Church after the War of Independence
      9. His vision of the "Third Estate." The glorification of useful labour
      10. Censure of insincere or excessive religious faith
      11. Prostitution
      12. Begging
      13. The battle between Light and Darkness
      14. Criticism of bad marriages

        To be translated:

    7. Proyectos
    8. Técnicas
    9. Las fuentes literarias de la obra de Goya
      1. Temas
        1. La crítica del clero
        2. La crítica de la nobleza
        3. El reflejo de la vida del Tercer Estado
        4. El tema de la denuncia de los matrimonios desiguales
        5. El tema de la prostitución
        6. El tema de la mendicidad
        7. El tema de la Razón y la Imaginación
      2. Autores españoles del siglo XVIII relacionados con Goya
        1. Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos
        2. José Cadalso y Vázquez
        3. Jose Francisco de Isla
        4. Nicolas Fernández de Moratín
        5. Leandro Fernandez de Moratín
        6. Ramón de la Cruz
        7. Juan Pablo Forner
      3. Influencias
      4. Aragón
    10. Época
      1. La Literatura española en tiempos de Goya
      2. El reinado de Carlos III
      3. El reinado de Carlos IV
      4. El reinado de Fernando VII
    11. Sobre Goya
    12. Goya y Aragón
      1. Fuendetodos
      2. Zaragoza
      3. Historia de los Goyas en Aragón
      4. Goyas en Aragón
      5. Rutas
      6. Actos
      7. El Aragón de Goya
      8. Aragoneses ilustres
      9. Historia
      10. Geografía
    13. Calendario. Disponibles ya los actos y publicaciones de la Institución "Fernando el Católico".
    14. Módulo de búsquedas por palabras clave. No operativo hasta el 1 de mayo.

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