(Series of 22 etchings)

The Disparates or Proverbios was the fourth and final series produced by Goya.

They were published after his death and have always been surrounded by a certain air of mystery. Their production appear to have coincided with another relapse into illness (1819). He may have worked on them until 1824 in the period of the Black Paintings. They consist of 22 prints, etchings and aquatints. They are works full of allusions, memories taken from his past, laden with allegory, full of hard-edged pessimism and a true apotheosis of the irrational. 20 preparatory drawings have been preserved.

See an index of the etchings in a separate page.


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Marisa Cancela

1. Feminine Folly
2. Ferful Folly
3. Ridiculous Folly

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