Goya's work

Goya was a multifaceted artist who was interested in painting, drawing and in any other techniques that would lead to a more general diffusion of his work, as was the case with etching on metal or stone.

Goya is not only remarkable for his command of the styles of the period, but also for the wide variety of genres and subject matters that he explored. He achieved the highest standards in religious paintings, portraiture, political and social satire, and studies of scenes from daily life. He also studied such diverse subjects as witchcraft, reports on contemporary events and the effects of war.

The influences on Goya's artistic development are clearly recognizable, although they did not stultify his own vision, and they acted as inspiration for his style of painting and the subject matter he dealt with. The study of Goya's Aragonese period is essential for understanding the origins and development of his work. His influence on the history of painting and etching has been great, despite the fact that the number of direct disciples of his work have been small.

InfoGoya contains a great deal of information on these and other features of Goya's life and work, along with an extensive virtual catalogue of his paintings, drawings and etchings, accessible under a variety of headings such as genre.

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