Tapestries of the Royal House:
Fourth series

The final work done by Goya for the Real Fábrica was for the office of the new King, Carlos IV, in San Lorenzo de El Escorial. From 1791 to 1792 he produced 7 works which, in response to the King's wishes, dealt with "rustic and jocose" subjects. Six of them fulfil this requirement: The Stilts, The Straw Mannikin, The Little Giants,The See-saw, Boys Climbing a Tree and Women Water Carriers. The seventh and the largest of them, The Wedding, unlike the others, is loaded with a strong ironic charge that is a prelude to the bitter satires of "invention" of later years.

The tapestries are kept in residences of the Royal Family, and almost all the sketches and cartoons are in the Museo del Prado.

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Marisa Cancela

The Stilts
The Straw Mannikin
The Little Giants
Women Water Carriers

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